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Who are Nominet?

Our Accredited Channel Partner status means that as a registrar, we have demonstrated high standards of data quality and a strong commitment to our clients. We are also required to follow strict criteria as a business to ensure we have in place the proper processes and assurances so that clients can know they are in safe hands when choosing to partner with Unforgettable Domains.

Nominet is the proud guardian of the .UK domain name registry, protecting and connecting over 11 million .UK domain names for over 25 years.

Maintaining 100% uptime since inception, their critical national infrastructure supports the UK’s online economy, connecting .UK, .cymru and .wales.

Unforgettable Domains is a proud Nominet Member and we are pleased to announce that we are now an Accredited Channel Partner with the top tier of classification with Nominet, the .UK registry. Our IPS TAG is: 'UNFORGETTABLE' just like our domains and service. Accredited Nominet Channel Partner.
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Every .uk domain name registered or transferred with Unforgettable Domains comes with the extra protection of you dealing with a Nominet Accredited Channel Partner.

Who are Nominet?

Nominet is the registry for .uk domain names. It is a non-profit organisation based in the United Kingdom and has been responsible for managing and maintaining the infrastructure of .uk domains since 1996. Nominet operates as a domain registry, overseeing the registration and administration of .uk domain names, including,, and .uk, among others.

As the official registry, Nominet ensures the smooth functioning and integrity of the .uk domain namespace. It establishes and enforces policies, rules, and procedures for domain name registration, renewal, and management. Nominet also operates the authoritative name servers for .uk domains, enabling the translation of domain names into IP addresses.

In addition to managing the technical aspects of the domain registry, Nominet plays a role in promoting and safeguarding the interests of the .uk domain community. It engages with stakeholders, domain registrars, and the public to address industry issues, advance internet policy, and maintain the security and stability of the .uk domain space.


What is a Nominet Accredited Channel Partner (ACP)?

A Nominet Accredited Channel Partner (ACP) is a company or organisation that has received official accreditation from Nominet, the registry for .uk domain names. ACPs are recognised and authorised by Nominet to provide domain registration and management services to individuals and businesses.

To become a Nominet Accredited Channel Partner, a company must meet specific requirements and undergo a certification process. This process typically involves demonstrating technical competency, adhering to Nominet's policies and guidelines, and meeting specific criteria related to customer service and support.

Once accredited, an ACP has the ability to register and manage .uk domain names directly with Nominet on behalf of their clients. They have access to Nominet's systems and tools, enabling them to facilitate domain registrations, transfers, renewals, and other domain-related services.

Nominet Accredited Channel Partners play an important role in the domain industry by providing a trusted and authorised channel for individuals and businesses to register and manage their .uk domain names. They act as intermediaries between domain registrants and the Nominet registry, offering value-added services, customer support, and expertise in domain management.

What is a Nominet IPS TAG?

A Nominet IPS TAG (also known as Nominet TAG or IPS TAG) is a unique identifier assigned to a domain registrar or hosting provider by Nominet, the registry for .uk domain names. The IPS TAG is used to indicate which registrar is responsible for managing a specific .uk domain name.

When a domain name is registered or transferred to a new registrar, the existing registrar's IPS TAG is replaced with the IPS TAG of the new registrar. This change signifies that the management and administration of the domain have been transferred to the new registrar.

The IPS TAG serves as a way for Nominet to track which registrar is authorised to make modifications and updates to a particular .uk domain. It helps ensure that only the designated registrar can modify the domain's registration details, DNS settings, and other relevant information.

When initiating a domain transfer or registration with a new registrar, the current registrar may require you to provide the IPS TAG of the new registrar. This allows them to release the domain and transfer its management to the new registrar.

Overall, the Nominet IPS TAG system helps maintain the integrity and security of .uk domain registrations by establishing clear ownership and responsibility for domain management among accredited registrars.

Our Unforgettable Service

By acknowledging that each client is unique, we completely tailor our service to you and your business needs, with one aim:
to make your experience as unforgettable as our domains.

Channel Partner

Being an Accredited Nominet Channel Partner, we guarantee a safe and secure purchase, offering you peace of mind.

Ownership Plans

Whether you are interested in buying, leasing to own, or renting a domain, we can tailor a package that is right and affordable for your business.

Payment Options

We offer a range of payment options and have partnered with to bring you a secure and seamless domain buying experience.

Fast & Free
Domain Transfer

Our goal is to transfer the domain on the same day we receive payment, with no additional fees for domain and registration transfers.

Fairly Priced
Domain Names

We consistently benchmark and revise the pricing of our Unforgettable Domains to provide you with a fair and competitive price.

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